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Have you heard about White Label partnership program? Do you know what FIX protocol is about? Ask us. We know how to make our trading platform run your brokerage business.

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Buy shares in local and global companies from one account

  • Europe (LSE IOB, Xetra and Euronext)
  • Russia (MOEX)
  • Ukraine (UX)
  • Kazakhstan (KASE)

FIX Solutions

We offer this kind of service for professional participants of the market, advanced traders and institutional investors who want to take advantages of real-time exchange of information related to the securities transactions using FIX protocol in their software solutions.

Protocol :
Port: 12345
Login message example: Logon(A): 8=FIXT.1.1|9=149|35=A|49=v-tstgate01.proddemo||34=1|52=20160519-07:53:39.705|98=0|108=30|141=Y|383=8192||554=123|1137=7|10=204|

FIX integration

  • Our tech support is here for you to answer your questions about FIX integration

Online Market Data

  • Online quotes are sent to your trading platform directly

Portfolio Data

  • Brokerage reports for your internal accounting systems can be downloaded in XML, PDF, CSV or XLS-format
  • All the advantages of our low cost service plan with no minimum per transaction - better than other brokers can offer

White Label

This is a perfect solution for new brokerage companies with no IT infrastructure or for companies which want to use modern technologies and improve the quality of their services. Our team has sound experience creating a turn-key product – from opening an account till placing orders. All that can be adjusted to your local regulations.

Front Office

  • Five easy steps to open you trading account quickly
  • Integrated card payment systems
  • Member area
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Online support

Trading Platform

  • Your company's logo on the platform
  • Multi-currency trading account
  • Compatibility with your trading platform

Back Office

  • Accounting system
  • Risk management
  • CRM-system
  • Customer support

Customers who use our trading platform under their own brand

  • Freedom Finance JSC, Kazakhstan
  • Ukranet LLP, Ukraine
  • Nettrader LLC, Russia