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Save and make extra money

Invest in stocks and bonds of the world's leading companies

  • At stock exchanges money works. While being in a bank account, your money only shows the level of inflation.
  • Securities are more liquid asset than real estate.
  • You control your financial future looking for the balance between profit and risk

Benefits the stock market gives you

A profitable instrument has the balance between returns, entry threshold, liquidity and risks


  • Low return (3-10% per annum)
  • Low risk
  • Medium liquidity
  • Low opening deposit

It's hard to grow money, yet you can save it - deposits are insured!

Stock market

  • Medium return (10-50% per annum)
  • Medium risk
  • High liquidity
  • Low opening deposit

There might be the risk of fall in exchange. Still you can sell your securities, even partially.

Real estate

  • Low return (5-9% per annum)
  • Low risk
  • Low liquidity
  • High entry threshold

It's hard to sell fast and get money. Usually, you cannot sell partially.

Buying and selling securities with Tradernet is as easy as sending an email

Tradernet’s web based platform allows you to trade stocks online on any computer with Internet access through any web browser.

Trading on the stock market, you might want to invest in innovative companies

Made smartphones and tablets popular

From April 2014 to March 2015 the company’s stocks grew by 62%

Has more than a billion users in its social network

From April 2014 to March 2015 the company’s stocks grew by 36%

Re-invented a car... an electric one

From January to July 2015 the company’s stocks grew by 19,6%

Has the most popular web search engine and invented Google Glass

From January to July 2015 the company’s stocks grew by 18,8%

Tradernet’s platform is the place where a single account gives you an access to major international stock markets

(Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS)

(Ukrainian Exchange UX)

(New-York Exchanges NYSE and NASDAQ)

(Stock Exchanges LSE IOB, Xetra and Euronext)

Access to the stock market with Tradernet is as easy as internet banking


To make your trading in the stock market easier we developed mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.


There are authorization codes to open a trading session on Tradernet’s platform. We send the codes by SMS, like banks do.


You can go on a business trip or vacation. Just take a mobile device with Internet access to manage your investments.

Main features of the Tradernet trading system

Online briefings

Before the stock market opens, we hold daily online meetings to help first-time investors.

Training video courses and books

Our trading knowledge base contains weekly market video reviews and training webinars.

Social network comprised of traders

Users share their experience, follow the trades of most successful investors, use ready investment ideas.

Open a demo account to get your trading experience

When signed up, you will have an absolutely free demo account with virtual funds in it. Start your trading practice today without risking your own money.

It'll take one day to open a real account