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We don’t spend our company’s money on television and radio adverts. We don’t have hundreds of offices and thousands of employees. That’s why we can afford to set the most competitive prices for our services. Got lower fees elsewhere? Let us know; and we’ll find out how to make our offer even more competitive.

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Invest in US, Russian and Ukrainian companies

Reading news about movements of world-famous companies’ stocks? Thinking that buying and selling securities is only for experts-working-to-make-money? Believe us, by this time tomorrow you’ll be able to invest in Apple, Facebook, Google, Tesla, Gazprom, Sberbank and in many other companies!

Two things are enough to open an account and buy your first stocks: your passport and VISA or MasterCard. What will you get? You will have an access to Tradernet's trading platform and data base full of knowledge. Having that access, you can simply watch the market through the window of you browser on your PC or mobile device.

It usually takes one day to open an investment account.

  • Apple stocks were slow down in 2013, but in 2014-2015 there was a solid growth thanks to iWatch and the company's entry into mobile payments market.

  • Experts name Tesla a new Steve Jobs. The company’s stocks rose in 2014. Now they are planning their China market entry, not to mention new models.

  • No one believed in the growth of Google stocks, but the latest earnings report of 2014  exceeded experts’ expectations. Everybody is waiting for the company’s new markets entry!

Serious approach to your money


Our company is one of the top 10 investment firms in Russia. We provide access to MICEX, the Moscow and Ukrainian Exchanges, US Exchanges NASDAQ and NYSE, EU exchanges Euronext, LSE IOB and Xetra. Properly authorized .


In 2012-2013, the World Finance magazine named our company the best investment firm in Eastern Europe for our accomplished consulting services and innovative trading platform.


Clients’ assets are held in the accounts of the biggest settlement organizations . We offer only safe authorization facilities and secure communication links. You can withdraw money from your account at any time.

No Forex

According the Laws, in Russia a layman is allowed to trade in the Forex market. We do not include Forex in our services , due to our ethical business conduct.

Looking for a simple and secure online trading platform? Try Tradernet on your PC or mobile device!

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It's much better to trade stocks when you know your data has our complete protection.

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To start trading, you just open your web browser. So, it doesn’t matter which OS is installed on your device – Windows, Mac OS or Linux.

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Free apps allow you to monitor portfolio prices and trade right on your mobile device. iPhone/iPad or Android

Made for traders by traders

Read, consult, replicate, make money. Tradernet is not just a friendly-user online platform, it’s a social network comprised of traders who are ready to share their experience with you.

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Watch how the top traders make their money.


Tradernet’s collective mind shares its ideas with you.


Get a dip into top traders’ portfolios, view their trading history and search out investment ideas for you.


Every day we offer fresh market analysis and discuss price movements of most promising securities.

Trading without commissions

Invite your friend to Tradernet and get 5000 points! This amount will be enough to pay service fees for a whole year.


Follow other investors and be privy to the latest investment ideas!


It might be profitable to chat with the others in our social network. Ask anyone!

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