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Mankind has created a society of consumers, but the consumption may be different

Every time when someone makes a decision to buy a new piece of super-famous brand, it makes our customers richer, more confident and happier

  • iPhone or Apple?

    If you buy a new iPhone for $750 now, in two years you will lose $750 – the cost of the obsolete item. But if you bought 10 Apple stocks at $75 several years ago, today you would have $1300* - the cost of your successful investment.

    -750$  or +1 300$
    * Historical data for the period from 2013 till 2015
  • Pizza or Domino's Pizza?

    Love to eat pizza at weekends? If you eat 40 pizzas for a year, you will spend about $480. In 2013 a stock price of Domino's Pizza was $45. If you bought 10 stocks that time, today you would have $1100.*

    -480$  or +1 100$
    * Historical data for the period from 2013 till 2015
  • Mersedes or Daimler AG?

    Two years ago you bought a car for €29 992. It was a good bargain, wasn’t it? Today the sell price of your car is about €21 000.
    Two years ago a stock price of Daimler AG was €46. Today it costs €89*. If you bought 652 stocks those days, you could afford to buy two cars now.

    -9 000€  or +57 850€
    * Historical data for the period from 2013 till 2015

Why our clients stay with us for ages

Speed and time

  • Securities can be bought in a moment – click the button to confirm your purchase and become a shareholder
  • We save your time – there is no need for you to go anywhere to open an account, withdraw or deposit funds


Accessibility and transparency

  • Invest online via Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and other browsers
  • Call, text, ask your questions – our Russian support is here for you
  • The right to free speech is fundamental to the Tradernet social network – the network made for traders by traders

We are proud that 87% of our employees invest in securities through our company

Three questions which are frequently asked by our clients

What is the minimum deposit to open an investment account?

Minimum opening deposit is EUR 100. Clients who have 10 000 euro in their investing accounts can see how profitable the trading in the stock market is. We recommend starting with 3 or 5 thousands euro, and then, as soon as you obtain a trading experience, you can gradually increase the amount of investment.

How to pay taxes?

There is no capital gains tax in Cyprus

Where can I learn how to invest?

There are some recommendations on that score:

  • Read. Read books, follow blogs by our experts.
  • Watch. Watch regularly published videos for trading tips under the To trade and Tradernet TV tabs.
  • Discuss. Share your ideas with other traders, bring up your issues, and you may find answers in the Tradernet social network.
  • Ask experts. If you don’t have time to constantly monitor the market, take advantage of Tradernet’s Consulting Management programs. Contact our manager today and find out more.
  • Call us. We are happy to answer your questions. Our help is free of charge.

Most people say they want to become millionaires. But what they really mean is that they want to spend a million, and that isn't a millionaire’s goal.

Morgan Housel, a columnist at the Motley Fool and the Wall Street Journal