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A gift stock for opening an account

How does it work?

Open an account using the referral link and get a gift coupon for one stock! To do this, go to "Orders" in your member area on the website, or to "Menu" in the mobile app. Click "Get a stock", and the gift stock will be automatically accrued to your trading account.

How do I get more coupons for gift stocks?

To do this, you must be a Referral Affiliate Program member. Share your referral link, top up your own account and attract clients with deposits to receive coupons for gift stocks.

You will receive coupons for each attracted client, provided that there are assets in your account and / or in the accounts of your attracted clients. The number of gift coupons is limited and is calculated in your member area with the Affiliate Program, in the “coupon limit” field, which shows how many more coupons you can receive for clients attracted in the future.

How to increase your limit of gift stock coupons?

The coupon limit strictly depends on your assets or the assets you have attracted, so there are only several ways to increase the limit: by topping up your account, or by inviting clients using your referral link, who will top up their accounts.

  • As long as your coupon limit is greater than zero, you will receive coupons for free stocks for each account opened using your referral link. Be careful: if you constantly attract clients without deposits, you will have your limit reduced and will no longer be able to receive bonuses for your clients.
  • Regardless of your coupon limit, we will give stocks to all clients who have opened an account using your referral link and comply with the Affiliate Program rules.
  • The bonus limit decreases every time you or your customers receive coupons for gift stocks.
  • A decrease in the amount of assets leads to a decrease in the coupon limit.

Who can participate in the program?

Any client of Freedom Finance Europe Ltd being a citizen or official resident of the European Union is eligible to participate in the affiliate programme. A coupon for a free stock is only issued for attracting clients being EU citizens or official residents aged over 25 years.

If you opened an account with Freedom Finance Europe Ltd using the referral link, you will only receive a coupon for a gift stock if you are a EU citizen or official resident aged over 25 years.

Can I open the second account and get one more stock?

A gift stock is only granted to a new client of Freedom Finance Europe Ltd when opening their first account using the referral link. If you want more gift stocks, you can get them by inviting your friends.

Which stock will I get?

A gift stock is randomly selected from the following list of securities:

AMERICAN WELL CORP-CLASS A ($3.94), Ford Motor ($13.41), Sumo Logic Inc ($12.07), Tata Motors share ($24.75), AT&T Inc ($19.23), EQUINOR ASA ($31.28), Shell plc ($59.28), Pfizer Inc. ($43.52), Bank of America Corp ($36.64), Coca Cola Co. ($60.03), Intel Corp. ($28.84), Exxon Mobil Corp. ($115.29), Merck & Co. ($105.6), Chevron Corp. ($174.48), Procter & Gamble ($140), NIKE Inc. ($124.5), Wal-Mart Stores ($141.49), JPMorgan Chase & Co. ($143.25), Johnson & Johnson ($163.11), Walt Disney Co. ($112.13), McDonald's Corp. ($267.19), Boeing Company ($213.6), Microsoft Corp. ($272.75), Home Depot ($325.7), Goldman Sachs Group ($373.85), United Health Group Inc. ($475.4), NetFlix Inc. ($361.07), Tesla Motors Inc ($196.05), HUYA INC. ($5.47), BlackBerry Ltd ($4.42), Fisker Inc ($8.12), Zeta Global Holdings Corp ($9.5), Hello Group Inc ($10.79), FuelCell Energy Inc ($3.82), COTERRA ENERGY INC ($24.27), Root Inc ($6.7), HYLIION HOLDINGS CORP ($3.4), Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc. ($6.67), UWM Holdings Corp ($4.37), ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ ($33.54), LG Display Co Ltd ($5.63), DraftKings Inc ($17.53), American Airlines Group, Inc. ($17.08), Peloton Interactive ($15.68), Esperion Therapeutics Inc ($5.84), Cleanspark Inc ($3.58), SNAP INC ($12.11), Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc ($6.03), Carnival Corp. ($12.28), Palantir Technologies Inc ($8.32), Robinhood Markets Inc ($10.62), Nano-X Imaging Ltd ($9.29), A10 Networks Inc ($14.4), Blackrock ($739.2)

Since the stock is randomly selected, programme participants may receive different stocks.

Terms and conditions

From time to time, we may make special offers available at our discretion (the “Promotion”). We reserve the right to restrict any Promotion to certain clients and users. The current Promotion is only available to new clients which duly open an account via the link provided by the Agent. We reserve the right to cancel or to prohibit any client or Agent from continuing the use of this Promotion at any time in our absolute and sole discretion without prior notice. Generally, this Promotion will run from November 19, 2021 untill December 31, 2022. However, please note that this Promotion is not guaranteed and can be modified, extended, altered, or cancelled by us at any time without notice. By participating in the Promotion, you are subject to the additional terms set out in this Promotion and these terms also form part of the General Terms of Business. Prices for stocks specified herein are only an indication of a price and should not be construed as a current price of the stock.
In order to ensure best practice and avoid any and all conflict of interest, we have contracted a separate legal entity, Fresh Start Ltd, who will use its randomising software to deliver the promotional shares to you, our client. By consenting to this Promotion, you agree and understand that the shares will be delivered to you through our marketing intermediary, Fresh Start Ltd.

General Terms of Business Appendix 18 to the General Terms of Business